Monday, December 24, 2012

Vintage Christmas and the warm wishes :)

Hi everyone!
Just a quick post today :)

I want to wish You a Very Merry Christmas.

May this special time bring Love, Peace and Happiness to All of You !


Last two weeks was a very busy time for the Decoupage Garden Dream Team...but somehow We've managed to make some lovely items for You... This time we've turned back time and  here it is.... ''Vintage Christmas''

I absolutely adore Vintage Style...slightly aged items,  with character and that unusual special look... love it!

So as my project I have decided to do few Christmas Baubles and the wooden tealight holder set... have a look :)

 To make my items I've used:


decoupage paper ITD

decoupage paper 

If You wish to see all of the DG DT's projects have a look at Anna's post :) 

Hope You like our Vintage items :) Stay tuned for more inspirations....and... there will be some step-by-step tutorials in the near future! :)


Take care and enjoy Your Christmas





Friday, December 7, 2012

Getting into a festive spirit...

Hi Everyone!!
How are You? Can You believe that there are 19 ( or 18..?? ;) sleeps till Christmas?!! How the time flies!! You have probably got all Your Christmas shopping done, gifts all wrapped, decorations cleaned and ready to be used very soon... I'm far behind due to being very busy at work...but.. I was trying to lift my mood a little bit and decided to do some winter/ Christmas themed stuff for MY SHOP and for the Craft Fair we went to last  here they are...


CHRISTMAS WREATHS- something a little bit different :))

COOKIE JARS- perfect for keeping Your home baked gingerbread cookies fresh :))

CHRISTMAS CANDLE- there will be more coming in to the shop next week

TEA/ COOKIE BOX- my favourite winter print of all, just look at them owls they are super-cute, aren't they?? :))

 LARGE, TRADITIONAL, FRESH, HANDMADE HOLLY WREATHS- You can order them from our shop, or by sending Your e-mail  to:

 CHRISTMAS BOTTLE- great for mulled wine or juice..or just as the kitchen decoration.

hello...Are You still there..? ;))
I'm going to add some more pics of my new items later on this week, so stay tuned 
Thanks for looking :)
Take care

Friday, November 23, 2012


Hope everyone is having an easy friday :) I don't feel like working today, so i thought i would write a new post for You.
When i started my decoupage journey i didn't expect that i will meet so many nice, creative and interesting people.But suddenly they all around me keep inspiring me every day...
One of them is my dear friend Anna. She's the owner of the Decoupage Garden Shop and truly amazing and  very talented person. She's just like me- always put 101 % passion whatever she's doing..
Some time ago She asked me to join her new project- The Decoupage Garden Dream Team
I said yes straight away, as i was very excited to be a part of it.
So there are 6 talented, passionate and decoupage- crazy girls in our team:Decoupage GardenPrzetarlo sie Impresja,  Anna , Deco-Pasja and me. We're going to discover and test new decoupage related products, papers, napkins etc. ( which You can get from the Decoupage Garden Shop in affordable prices) and twice a month we're going to show You what we can do with all of them things :) 

Today i'm going to show You our  VERY FIRST PROJECT which is called ''Autumn Inspired" even thought the Xmas is coming very quickly... we would like You to slow down for a moment... stop...think... imagine the long walk in the park, inhale the lovely smell of wood and see the vibrant colours of the fallen leafs...

(If You click at the link above You'll be able to see what the other girls have made)
Here is my item:
The Nostalgic Autumn Leafs Tea Box.
Available in Our Ets Shop

Here's some of the products i've used to make my tea box:

Serwetka "Liść jesienny"


patinaPatyna Favorita Dayka brązowa


Bejca rustykalna do drewna Dragon "Brąz Wenge"
Spękania dwuskładnikowe Sottile 2x200 ml

    wood dye 

 crackle sottile     

Hope You like our projects as much as we enjoyed to make them :)
In next week we're going to show You some more inspiring stuff,  so stay tuned!!
Take care


If You looking for handmade and unusual Christmas gifts please visit our website or simply place an order or your special request by sending Your email to 
Thank You!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

in the meantime...

Hello :)

I have to confess.. I am very impatient person... i hate to wait... i just want everything now and here LOL ;) But sometimes it's just my character has been tested lately by the couriers delivering my parcels. I have ordered new materials for my Xmas decoupage projects and literally just can't wait to get them. One of my parcels arrived yesterday ( wooden boxes, etc. )...and honestly- You should see me- jumping like a 3 years old ;) even though i knew exactly what's inside HAHA :) I'm sure this feeling is familiar to every crafter... You order something, You wait, You get your parcel, open it and Your head instantly buzzing with ideas for new projects! So is mine... But i have been grounded for a while as my other parcel contains new Christmas themed papers and napkins, glitters, artificial snow and other goodies... ;(
So in the meantime i want to show You my latets work..

Here it is, enjoy:

A little Poppy Key's House :)
Soon available to buy on our website and the Etsy shop

 Cath Kidston Inspired Strawberry Kitchen Cloth Hanger
 Soon available to buy on our website and the Etsy shop

have a nice day everyone!
see You next time

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Autumn break pictures

It's been a few weeks since my last post...i's very challenging to do few things at once, but i am trying to...very hard ;)
And i promise myself to do better :) Now it's getting quite busy before Christmas, so i should be able to show You some projects  very soon... there  will be some festive wreaths, bubbles and new wooden items available to view and purchase on my website -> ... can't wait to show them to You :)

But today i want to show You something pics from our autumn break in Poland... 

here's an autumn in my hometown Zamość- isn't it beautiful?
Hope You like it  :)
Take Care