Tuesday, November 13, 2012

in the meantime...

Hello :)

I have to confess.. I am very impatient person... i hate to wait... i just want everything now and here LOL ;) But sometimes it's just impossible..so my character has been tested lately by the couriers delivering my parcels. I have ordered new materials for my Xmas decoupage projects and literally just can't wait to get them. One of my parcels arrived yesterday ( wooden boxes, etc. )...and honestly- You should see me- jumping like a 3 years old ;) even though i knew exactly what's inside HAHA :) I'm sure this feeling is familiar to every crafter... You order something, You wait, You get your parcel, open it and Your head instantly buzzing with ideas for new projects! So is mine... But i have been grounded for a while as my other parcel contains new Christmas themed papers and napkins, glitters, artificial snow and other goodies... ;(
So in the meantime i want to show You my latets work..

Here it is, enjoy:

A little Poppy Key's House :)
Soon available to buy on our website and the Etsy shop

 Cath Kidston Inspired Strawberry Kitchen Cloth Hanger
 Soon available to buy on our website and the Etsy shop

have a nice day everyone!
see You next time

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  1. Świetnie wygląda ta serwetka na tak postarzonym domku:)