Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hello February! Some news and Winter Inspiration

I know.... I didn't post anything for a while...I'm trying my best to combine all my interests and chores, but my life can get quite busy life sometimes... very important orders to make, few consultations with new customers, etc. and on the top of that- very nasty cold times 3!

I've got few ideas for this year and I hope that I would be able to complete them all :)
One of them is to make the 'Love Creations Signature' - to put all Your favourite and luxury products in to a regular collection, which is available to buy in my shop all the time. For the last few months some of my items were VERY popular and I had to make them on request, but it can be very tricky when the waiting list is getting more crowded and I have only one pair of hands ;) So doing that would make my customers shopping  easier, waiting time shorter and my mind less stressed ;) LOL 

There will be some new items coming into the SHOP very soon, so stay tuned  ;)
I will have some more exciting news for You, but can't say anything yet, let's call it a big surprise ;)

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Ok, while I'm here I'll show You the latest project of  the Decoupage Garden Dream Team
''The Winter Wonderland" I know that we're waiting for the spring to come, but winter time can be magical and beautiful as well.... ( ok sometimes ;) You know that I don't like winter) 
So this is my project:

I decided to decoupage a storage tin and I really enjoyed making it!
Some of the products I've used can be found in Decoupage Garden shop :) :

It took me a while to make a pictures, as I was waiting for the snow to show up ...and it finally did!

this was a picture-perfect winter day
My Little Man enjoyed snow as You can see... ;)

Take care and see You next time :)
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  1. Piękna puszka i piękny zimowy widok, coś w tych puchach jest, że stanowią ciekawą bazę do ozdabiania. Ciekawa jestem waszych wiosennych inspiracji :)