Tuesday, October 27, 2015

"Oh the places You'll go. . . " treasure chest tutorial

 I'm back, this time I hope I'll be able to post more stuff on my blog... and here's why!
Recently I've teamed up with Monika @ reverie art and by working together we want to show You  how to create beautiful decoupaged items and what products to use to achieve the best results.
For my first tutorial  I decided to do a medium size treasure chest.

For this  project we will need:
wooden box
paper- I'm using  gorgeous paper from ITD collection
decoupage glue ( I recommend Daily Art)
sanding paper or sanding  blocks
sponges, brushes,  toothbrush and spatula
chalk, acrylic paint and matt acrylic varnish
structure paste and stencil
wood dye in 3-4 different shades (for this project I decided go with pine, heban, jacobean oak and wenge)
furniture wax and soft cloth

Before you start, sand entire box inside and out with fine grade sanding paper. Dust it with clean cloth and dry brush.

 Apply wood dyes to the sides and inside of the box. You can use sponge, cloth or brush, whichever works best for you. I have decided to add some colour to it by brushing and smudging 'nearly dry' paint using a very old brush.

Now to the most important task.. Using brush or sponge apply quickrying wood primer to the lid ( inside and on the top), let it dry and smooth the surface with fine grade sanding paper. Paint it with acrylic or chalky finish paint. I'm using Vintage Paint in MILK by Daily Art.

Once dry sand it again to make sure its as smooth as possible, clean it with dry cloth.

 Get your rice paper and cut or tear the picture out. Im using both picures. With firm synthetic  brush prime your box with thin layer of glue, while still wet, place your picture where you want it to be, smooth it with your hand ( working from the middle towards the edges) then apply glue on top , working in the same directions to make sure you're getting rid of the wrinkles.

 Let it dry and trim the excess paper around the edges. Sanding block is perfect for this job.

Apply a coat of clear acrylic varnish, let it dry, then sand it to achieve smooth surface

Now its time to add some paint. I'm using a few different colours. Take thin brush and black paint, draw some lines, then using a sponge or make up sponge apply the paints. Don't be afraid to experiment with colours. Mix and match it and try to blend it with picture.

 For that extra aged look I'm using an old toothbrush to 'spray' the box with a little bit of paint mixed with water and patina.

Once you happy with it, let it dry and add few layers of varnish and sand it every 2-4 layer. When the final layer is dry it's time to add some texture to it. Using a temporary glue place your stencil on the box and spread the structure paste with spatula.

Let it dry, then add some tint of colour and patina to your texture.
Wax the dyed part of the box, for protection and smoothnes.

Our treasure chest  is ready,  I added a letters on top for more effect.

I did the same on the inside of the lid. Its good to add a felt liner to the bottom and a decorative handle.

Hope You like my tutorial, if You have any questions just let me know in the comment box. Or visit our decoupage group for more informations or support!
Thanks for stepping by
See You next time.
M. xx