Saturday, March 19, 2016

Romantic vintage Ikea's watering can transformation

Today I'm gonna show how to transform Ikea's SOCKER galvanised watering can into lovely and romantic gift, perfect for any occassion. This one was for my Mum who celebrated her B-day yesterday, she loves flowers and really liked her new watering can :)
If You want to find out how to make it - keep scrolling! :)

    For this project we  need:
galvanised jug or watering can. I'm using Ikea jug

 white, ivory and charcoal for this project
foam tapping brush (CLICK)
great for applying paints and primers

Also we need wood and metal primer ( I recommend Wilko quickrying), sanding paper or blocks, bricks stencil, few good quality brushes and old toothbrush.

First of all clean your new item with warm soapy water and wipe it dry. Apply 2 coats of metal primer, leave it to dry between applications and use sanding block or paper to smooth the surface. Add a coat of ivory paint and let it dry.

 Take your choosen rice paper and tear out the pictures that you want to use

Apply layer of decoupage glue and while still wet, place your picture where you want it to be. Smooth it with your hand (working from the middle towards the edges) then apply glue on top of it, working in the same directions to make sure you're getting rid of the all wrinkles

 Apply few coats of clear acrylic varnish, letting it dry and smooth it with sanding block between coats. Once varnish is dry its time to add some details. I'm using stencil and structure paste to create bricks in few places.

Leave it for few hours to let it dry, then smooth the bricks 

Next add some colour and aged look. Liquid patina is perfect for it!.
Apply it with small brush on the brick and around it, then rub it in with soft cloth.

To achive the extremely old, vintage - cottage style look, add patina around the edges and spray some thinned paint with old brush. Then  paint top of the can with charcoal paint. You can add regular dots with the tip of round brush as well :) 

 All done! Please remember if You are want to use and store your watering can outdoor You have  to apply special varnish to protect it from the water, low temperatures and fading. 

Hope You like my tutorial, let me know if You have any questions. Im looking forward to see Your projects. 
Take care




  1. Fajny tutorial, dzięki!
    Podoba mi się użycie tego cegiełkowego szablonu, który akuratnie mam. Spróbuję kiedyś go wykorzystać na konewce wg Twoich wskazówek.
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie!

    1. Dzięki :) koniecznie podlinkuj swoją wersje :)

  2. Such a great idea!!!nice work!